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Is shipping really free?
Orders under $75.00 we’ll give the choice of adding a tracking number for a flat rate of $10.00.
Orders over $75.00 have a standard tracking number.
We always ship priority airmail.

How fast do you process orders?
Usually we process orders within a few days after receipt of an order, unless we are out doing a tradeshow. Then it may take a little longer. We always give an update.

What country are you based in?
The Netherlands

Is the lace really 100% Cotton?
Most lace on the website is cotton val lace (unless otherwise indicated) which is considered 100% cotton. For strength 10 % Nylon has been added, so the real content is 90% cotton, 10% nylon.

What languages can I contact you?
Our preferred languages are English and Dutch. However, you are welcome also to write us in French and German.

How long does it take to respond?
We check our messages frequently. You should typically get a reply within a day. Usually much faster than that!

Can I contact you before placing an order?
Please do! We prefer that you give us a chance to ensure stock is in place to fulfil your request.

Can I still send an order list instead of using the shopping cart?
Of course you can!
Please send your list to us in an email or Word/PDF/Excel Format.

Do you ship EMS?
EMS is unfortunately not available in our region.

Do you ship Express?
If you need express shipment we can offer FedEx or UPS at additional expenses.

Can I order more than the indicated quantity in the webshop?
This depends on the item number. For some items we may be able to help you out, but not for all. Please contact us and we will gladly help you!

I’m interested in an item not available on the webshop. Can I send a sample?
Of course you can!
We will check if we may have stock or able to get it.

Do you do rush orders?
We always process orders very fast. But if you are in a hurry we can send express.

Can I order items with zero (0) quantity?
Please contact us. In some cases, a certain item may have just come in or become available at a later time.

Do you have minimum orders and quantity?
We sell by the yard or meter. We don’t do half yards/meters. But you are welcome to order starting at one yard or meter.

Do you deliver in yards or meters?
Our prices are based in yards since the majority of our customers reside in the US and Asia.
However, if you want to order in meters that is possible too, but note that we will add 10 % extra.

Pricing Information
All prices on this website are subject to change without notice.